Sunday, September 4, 2011

What does it all mean?

I started this page as a means of randomly capturing thoughts that I might want to refer back to at some point. Then I used it as a way to communicate with personal training clients. Now that I am no longer in the business of training people, I find that I still might have a need - strike that, perhaps compulsion may be a better word for it - to express thoughts and feelings in this format. I guess a lot of people do, otherwise the word blogging might have come into existence as some horrendous sexual euphemism.

So if anybody accidentally comes across this page at some point, or especially if some of my former clients check up on this page to see if I'm updating (Dave, Cheri, Kari, Paula, etc.) I have a word of warning:

Please do not take anything you see written here even a little bit seriously. Any advice I may post, it would probably be a safe bet to do the exact opposite from here on out. Also please don't judge any bad grammmar or misspelled words too harshly. Thank you, and enjoy your lunch.

Bugs and Fishes, Will

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